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The current degree education system of India was introduced in India by the Britisher Macaulay in 1835. And slowly we lost our ancient education system and started believing that the western education system is better.

Our current education system is memory based education system where more emphasis is given on theory, memory and marks. With our research we have found what was good in our ancient education system and what are the faults in the current education system and we have also developed solutions for some of the problems faced by students. We at our level are also trying to bring those faults of the education system in the notice of the concerned authorities so that some change can be brought in the system. But as we can not change the system we have to find the solution to the problems faced by the students related to their studies.

We have found following problems of the students related to their studies.

1. English problem for the college students who have done their schooling in vernacular medium.
2. Lack of concentration while studying
3. Forgetting what they have learned or studied.
4. Do not know how to study properly
5. Lack of interest in particular subject
6. Fear of examination
7. Unable to recall during the exam.
8. Does not know how to do meditation
9. Unable to wake up early
10. Does not know how to achieve success in studies and career

We started Study Solutions to address the above issues of the students and provide solutions to make them successful in their studies and career. We conduct following courses/workshops and seminars.

1. English Improvement
2. How to study / How to remember
3. How to reduce exam stress
4. How to achieve goal / success
5. Meditation / Concentration
6. Self realization technique
7. How to start a business
8. How to face interview / find a job
9. Spiritual Science
10. For any other related problem

The above courses can be conducted for individual, group, school, college or any institute as per the requirement.

Feel free to contact us with any of your query, we will be happy to assist you. We are sure that we will be helpful to you in achieving your dream!

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